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A lot of people in modern time would hesitate to try herbal medicine. They tend to believe that it is useless and not effective as a cure for diseases and illnesses. It is just a waste for them boiling some leaves, or using the sap of the leaves of the tree or specific kinds of medicinal plant. They would like to purchase immediately western medicine as it is prescribed by most doctors and physicians in their city or in the hospital. If you are going to look back the time before, parents and our great grandparents would rely only to the leaves and plants around their surroundings.  

This would be the best solution if you are sick or not feeling well. For example, if you are having a headache. Your mother would give you some aspirin now or she will buy kratom Chula Vista CA but before with our grandparents they would use a ginger to make it into a ginger tea and let us drink it to feel better. Now, let’s identify and get to know some of the fantastic information and facts about taking herbal medicine when you don’t feel very good.  

  1. It is as effective as the western and modern type of medicine. If you have noticed there are still some companies that manufacture traditional kind of medicine. They would tend to create this one because they believe that we should treat ourselves safely. There are many resources of studies done by a lot of professional and experts that proves that plants can be a very good source of medicine for those people who are getting sick and with serious illnesses. People living in the faraway places or country side would still use the traditional way of treating their kids whenever they are sick.  
  1. One good side of taking herbal medicine is that it is proven safe and no side effects to our body. They don’t kill us by over drinking them. The more you drink them the faster you get better unlike for the western type of medicine that when you don’t follow the time and schedule given by the professional doctor or pharmacist. It would lead to overdose and sadly sometimes it could kill your life.  
  1. Using herbal medicine could save you more money. They are not as expensive as the one that we buy in the pharmacy. You can just pick them up in your garden or back yard. You could actually plant them in your vacant space. You don’t have to worry rushing yourself to the drugstore just to buy the medicine.  
  1. You can use these herbal medicines when you prepare meal for your kids or to your family. It means they are not only making you feel better but they are making you healthier.  
  1. You don’t need to worry about the side effect and you can recommend this one to your friends and neighbors. They don’t need to worry about their kids because it is not like the western that there is a specific dosage.  
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